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Driveway Pavers Omaha

Every other driveway on your block is your standard cement poured, solid driveway. Make yours stand out with driveway pavers installed by H & H Lawn & Landscaping in Omaha. Concrete pavers not only give you a unique driveway that is bound to stand out, they are very versatile.

Many homeowners don’t even consider stone driveway pavers when they are thinking about repairing or replacing their current driveway. The consensus is that from an aesthetic approach, stone driveway pavers are more appealing. Misconceptions often associated with driveway pavers is that they are more expensive and they don’t last as long as a solid cement poured driveway would. They are more expensive than a concrete poured driveway however, they last longer. Stone driveway pavers are a very durable and a viable solution for any home.

Concrete pavers come in a wide array of colors, sizes, shapes, and designs. Pavers are unique in the way that you can customize design schemes that complement your home’s architecture and with pavers, you can mix and match paver patterns and colors to create accent borders.

Alternative to Concrete

Stone paver driveways installed by H & H Lawn & Landscaping will withstand all seasons. In terms of cost as compared to concrete, stone pavers are typically a little more as it requires more labor however, they hold up longer than concrete driveways. Stone pavers are twice as strong as standard poured concrete and have lower water absorption making their life span longer. Paver driveways also require little to no maintenance. Some homeowners will seal and clean the pavers however it is not required. With little no maintenance, paver driveways outlast most other types of driveways.

Perhaps you are thinking, “I live in Omaha. We get snow. I need to shovel that snow off my driveway and driveway pavers will make it more difficult to do so.” Although that is the perceived image, driveway pavers can be shoveled, plowed, or snow-blowed off just like any other driveway. Paver driveways are also very pliable since there are so many edges which allow for movement between freezing and thawing cycles decreasing the likelihood of cracking.

If you have an existing paver driveway that is starting to show aging signs, deterioration, or heaving issues, perhaps it’s time to replace it. H & H Lawn & Landscape can replace any existing paver driveway.

There is no better way to improve the curb appeal of your Omaha home than to have stone pavers installed on your driveway. Quit having to caulk those pesky cracks in your driveway and upgrade to pavers. Pavers require little to no maintenance and are very durable. H & H Lawns & Landscaping lets you decide how you want your new driveway pavers laid out as well as style and color.

Break free from the basic driveway and upgrade to a paver driveway. Call H & H Lawn & Landscaping today to set up your consultation.



H & H Lawn and Landscape works with some of the best paver manufacturers to ensure that are providing our clients with top of the line materials that are built to last. We are at the forefront of paving stone installation because we enjoy what we do, and constantly strive for excellence in our work from the ground up. We believe installing the highest quality pavers and brick available.

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Call us at (402) 916-9500 to schedule an appointment for a free landscape consultation. We will listen to your ideas, wants and desires incorporating them into your landscape design at your Omaha home.

Free Landscaping Consultation

Call our team of Omaha landscaping experts at (402) 916-9500 to schedule an appointment for a free landscape consultation. We will listen to your ideas, wants and desires incorporating them into your Omaha landscape design.

Call us at (402) 916-9500 to schedule an appointment for a free landscaping consultation.

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