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Since 1997, H&H Lawn & Landscape have been delivering beautiful lawns and pristine landscapes to our neighbors and friends throughout Omaha. We love having the opportunity to serve our community with hard work and great results. It’s important that we treat our customers like family. If you’re considering a new pool decking area or a pool patio, we hope you’ll consider letting H&H offer a free quote. 

Pool Pavers for the Patio of Your Dreams

Pavers are the perfect solution for any backyard pool patio or deck. Paver patios are versatile, elegant, and provide a unique style to turn an ordinary pool deck into a luxurious lifestyle. Ask anyone with interlocking paving stone pool decks why they chose to have pavers rather than slabs of cement. Pool pavers give your backyard a one-of-a-kind look so you’ll never have to settle with the same patio as your neighbor. Give your Omaha backyard a stylish update with a paver patio installed by H & H Lawn & Landscaping.

Benefits to Pool Pavers from H&H Lawn & Landscape

There are many benefits to having patio pavers installed surrounding your pool. The biggest draw is the little to no maintenance involved with them. Concrete paver pool decks create a non-slip surface so you don’t have to worry about your kids slipping and falling after getting out of the pool.

Pool pavers come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles allowing you to create a pool deck of your dreams. H&H Lawn & Landscaping will work with you to design a custom pool deck layout suited to your style and needs using durable, high-quality, reliable pavers. Whether you want a simple design or complex design, matches your home or something out of the ordinary, our landscaping contractors can install the pool deck of your dreams.

Endless Design Options with Our Design Team

Choosing the right design and materials can be overwhelming, especially when you have over 50 different styles and limitless design options in front of you. That is what the landscaping contractors at H&H Lawn & Landscaping are for. Our contractors have been installing concrete pavers and stone pavers around pools for many years and have endless design options in store.

If you are thinking about renovating your existing pool deck with pool pavers or are looking to have pool pavers installed for the first time, turn to H & H Lawn & Landscaping. We are Omaha’s trusted contractors when it comes to installing pool decks and backyard landscaping. Our team will design a pool deck focused around your home’s architecture, colors, and your needs/desires. We pride ourselves on taking our clients backyards to the next level and creating a new lifestyle for them. We can create entire outdoor living spaces with natural stone elements surrounding outdoor fireplaces or firepits. We can have you and your family enjoying your outdoor living areas with s’mores and game nights! We also design outdoor kitchens for our clients with paver patio flooring. Your pool area could also have a full outdoor kitchen and dining area. 

Our Paver Manufacturers Are The Best in the Business

We can get started on renovating your existing pool deck or design a new pool deck with pavers.  H&H Lawn & Landscape work with the best paver manufacturers to ensure we are providing our clients with top of the line materials that are built to last. We are at the forefront of paving stone installation because we enjoy what we do, and constantly strive for excellence in our work from the ground up. We believe installing the highest quality pavers and brick available.

Contact H&H Lawn & Landscaping with Your Outdoor Dreams

Call us at (402) 916-9500 to schedule an appointment for a free landscape consultation. We will listen to your ideas, wants and desires incorporating them into your landscape design at your Omaha home. We would love to hear about your project and let you know how we can help turn your dream into reality. Contact Us | H&H Lawn and Landscape – Omaha, NE (